DSO Partnerships

HubRx Group Dental Lab is purpose-built to serve dental service organizations. By solely partnering with DSOs and DSO-supported clinicians, HubRx is able to offer customized services that meet organization-specific needs.

Our laboratory workflow is composed of innovative manufacturing technologies. The utilization of scanners, digital design stations and milling machines increases the quality and consistency of our delivered restorations while simultaneously reducing the per-unit cost. What’s more, these digital systems can be programmed to satisfy DSO-specific preferences, ensuring that your company will receive restorations that conform to your unique business requirements.

HubRx is located in Memphis, Tennessee, in close proximity to the FedEx SuperHub. This enables the lab to manufacture and ship restorations across the nation in record time, enhancing the predictability with which auxiliary and support staff can schedule patients for treatment.

HubRx Advantages

  • Caters exclusively to DSOs
  • Customizes workflows to meet organization-specific needs
  • Provides quick, five-working-day turnaround times on most crown & bridge products
  • Offers affordably priced, high-quality restorations

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